Thern Big Red TA2.5 Series 7,200 lb. Air Winch 16" Drum w/Band Brake

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Tough conditions demand tough winches – like the Big Red air winches from Thern. Few if any other winches can accommodate such a daunting array of challenges. From blistering heat, bitter cold, salty-aired and sand blown environments associated with oil rigs to the damp, saltwater encrusted working conditions of maritime industries, Thern winches are up to the challenge.
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A(in) B(in) C(in) D(in) E(in) F(in) H(in) J(in) L(in) M(in)
58.00 24.00 12.75 14.00 0.73 5.25 30.00 3.13 10.00 36.50
N(in) P(in) S-hole Diameter(in) T(in) Y1(in) Y2(in) Z1(deg) Z2(deg) Bolts(#) BoltSize(in) Weight(lb)
2.00 20.00 0.69 0.50 20.00 37.00 228 27 8 5/8-G8 1400
  • Automatic Disc Brake Spring engaged, air pressure released and oil cooled for extended duty cycles and long life.
  • Automatic Band Brake Spring engaged, air pressure released, with heavy-duty construction that provides up to 150% holding capacity (replaces manual band brake).
  • Mufflers Attached to exhaust ports to reduce noise.
  • Control Options Winch mounted, full flow remote pendant control valve.
  • Marine Grade Epoxy Applied with a zinc primer for ultimate protection in harsh environments.
  • Drum Guard Heavy-duty steel mesh helps to protect operators. Adjusts for different rope payout angles.
  • Filter, Regulator and Lubricator Easy access brake adjustment requires no special tools Up to 96% band brake drum coverage provides maximum stopping power with minimal effort for both manual or automatic brake operation. The new brake is quieter and requires fewer adjustments.
  • Multiple Drum Compartments Allow for multiple line connections and operation.
  • High Capacity Radial Piston Motor Internally lubricated for reliable power and long service life providing high capacity with faster line speeds.
  • Precise Control Valve Count on smooth control with variable speed, making it ideal for both precision spotting and long lifts.
  • Welded Steel Frame Captures both drum ends for optimal strength and security.
  • Planetary Gears Compact design and high efficiency gearing reduce power loss and heat generation while increasing service life. Gears operate in oil bath. Double lip oil seals keep oil in and contaminants out.
  • Easy Access Drain and Fill Plug Configuration provides easier access for maintenance; drain and fill plus now located outside of the drum, eliminating the need to remove wire rope for maintenance.
  • Rotary Cable Anchor Innovative cable anchor design is self-adjusting for various cable sizes. Anchor is corrosion resistant for operation in harsh environments.
  • Meets ASME B30.7 Requirements Standard units designed and built to meet this specification.
  • Two-Year Warranty Leading the industry with our Move It with Confidence Two-Year Limited Warranty.