Harrington Hoists, based in Manheim, PA, provides a wide variety of lifting solutions for industrial applications. Ace stocks a wide variety of Harrington manual and electric hoists, ranging in capacity from 250 lbs. to 9-Tons. Ace is also a certified repair and warranty center for Harrington hoists.

Harrington Lever Hoists

Lever Hoists (Come Alongs)

The well respected Harrington LB lever hoist is renowned for its rugged design and exceptional long term value. Harrington's LX mini lever hoist can lift up to 1000 lbs. while weighing less than 6 lbs.
Harrington Hand Chain Hoists

Hand Chain Hoists (Chainfalls)

Harrington's CB model is designed for applications that require a durable, premium quality hoist. The CF model is designed for applications where initial investment is of primary concern. Also available is the ultra portable CX mini chainfall, weighing it at under 6 lbs.
Harrington Electric Hoists

Electric Chain Hoists

Harrington's NER electric chain hoists are one of the most heavy duty hoists available on the market. With features like a heavy duty pull rotor brake, 60 minute motors and fast speeds in all models, the NER is a proven workhorse. The SNER (single phase) model provides almost all the features of the NER for single phase power applications.


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