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The great majority of hoists and cranes are powered by electricity. Electrification components of hoist and crane systems are relatively simple in application. Basically, there are two circuits in most hoist electrification systems, power and control. The power circuit provides the energy to lift loads, and run other motors that perform work. The control circuit, as the name implies, supplies power and includes circuitry to activate the devices that turn the main motors off and on. Safety considerations are one reason for the control circuit which operates at lower voltage and current than the power or primary circuit. The crane or hoist is normally operated by some type of pushbutton arrangement held in an operators hand. The benefit of reducing shock hazard by reducing the voltage and current are obvious.

Routing festoon systems becomes somewhat of a problem when more than one separately moving system must operate on the same runway or bridge. When you consider that two or more bridges often operate on one runway system, use of the insulated bar for runways makes sense.

Ace sells the finest quality festoon and insulated bar systems available. Electromotive, Insul8, Ductobar and Howell are brands that we stock. Putting a system together is normally as simple as telling us your (1)system length, (2)voltage and (3)motor horse powers served. Our computer program will supply all of the necessary parts you require, along with a little extra hardware just in case you drop a bolt or screw along the way. If you choose, we will be glad to provide you with complete turn key installation.

C track festooned “floating” pushbutton arrangements provide a pushbutton that can “float”,move, anywhere along the bridge, independent of the hoist and trolley. This involves extra cost, but safety and efficiency considerations have made it a standard for Ace bridge cranes. We recommend this highly. Retrofitting to older cranes is a simple, inexpensive task, which we will be glad to help you with. All we need from you is the (1)crane span, (2)number of push-buttons, and (3)speeds of all motions.

Cord reels are an electrification method that sees limited usage but can provide the correct solution to some electrification requirements. Reels that we stock, often provide a simple, easy to install, inexpensive answer, for short monorails with light capacity hoists. Other uses often involve explosion classified areas. We sell most major cord reel brands.

There are many specialized electrification components available but the standards described above will handle almost any normal application. We will be happy to help you with the appropriate electrification choice for your requirement.

Ace sells and installs the following types of electrification systems:

  • C track festoon system for providing power and control to hoist
  • C track festooned “floating” pushbutton arrangements
  • Stretched wire festoon system for providing power and control to hoist
  • Insulated Bar systems of all types and current capacities
  • Figure 8 bar electrification
  • Adjustable (variable) frequency drives for overhead hoists and cranes
  • Cord reels