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Our history of delivering customer-first EXCELLENCE

In the early days of Ace, when our faithful machine shop customers asked if we could sell the hoists we were repairing for them, we couldn’t rightly say no. Since they were so pleased with our delivery and reliant on our service when they asked us to build cranes, it was a no-brainer. Ace opened a manufacturing facility in 1983 right outside of Atlanta in Braselton, Georgia, began building cranes then after some growth, bought another manufacturing facility in Cleveland, Texas some years later in 2012.

Ace is going on 90 years strong and we’re still listening to you!

Because of your support and patronage, Ace is a premiere crane manufacturing company, the largest independent crane company in the industry, bringing to market unparalleled experience, engineering and the kind of quality craftsmanship that over 30,000 customers like you have come to depend on.


Ace overhead cranes are custom engineered to fit your application and can withstand the toughest day-to-day, year-to-year high volume activity. Built with safety, performance, and durability in mind, our cranes will serve you well into the future of your business and any needed service or support is merely a call away, 24/7.

Ace Industries welders building overhead cranes
Ace Industries technician wiring a new overhead crane


Ace’s Braselton, GA and Cleveland, TX crane building facilities are staffed with experienced professionals who know cranes. Exceptional crane craftspeople at Ace have always endeavored to pass on their passion and skills, ensuring that years of collective knowledge are transferred to others. In today’s world of mass production, this level of thoughtfulness, detail and skill guided by human touch has become a rare commodity for those who value true quality.

Our Braselton location is also home to our robust department of skilled engineers, adept at designing your crane to fit your unique specifications. Does your space contain standing fixures, architectural elements that create impediments or existing equipment that poses an obstacle to installing your crane? Our engineering team can design workable solutions to ensure your crane will fit comfortably even in the most challenging environments or conditions.

Braselton, GA overhead crane manufacturing team
Cleveland, TX overhead crane manufacturing team

Braselton manufacturing crew (left and on homepage) Cleveland manufacturing crew (right).

Overhead crane shipping out to customer
Overhead crane shipping out to customer
Overhead crane shipping out to customer

At Ace, we believe in the team effort, and everyone in their role with their own skill is dedicated to excellence and is responsible for the success of each crane we manufacture and send out into the world to assist with our customers’ productions. If it has our name on it, we believe in it and the people who made it.

For more information about Ace manufacturing capabilities or a free consultation for a custom engineered crane for your facility, call (800) 733-2231 to speak with a knowledgeable expert today.