Why should you use a wire rope hoist?

  • The standard hoisting unit used on most bridge cranes is wire rope.
  • The wire rope hoist with all of the wire rope stored neatly on the drum presents a pleasing profile. 
  • The cost of electric chain hoists above 3-ton begins to exceed wire rope.
  • On chain hoists, particularly those with lifts of 20-feet and above, the chain container can present headroom problems.
  • The great majority of electric hoists above 5-ton are wire rope due to lift speed required and resulting cost considerations.

When should you use a wire rope hoist?

  • Whenever you are putting a hoist on an electric travelling bridge crane 2-ton or above, you should apply a wire rope hoist unless some circumstance specifically dictates the use of chain. 
  • Whenever you have any application requiring an electric hoist, with capacity of 5-ton or above, use wire rope unless some circumstance dictates chain. One circumstance that might dictate chain would be a requirement for hook mounting. This is not normally available for wire rope.

Which wire rope hoist should you use?

  • Use one with a rated capacity no greater than that of the structure on which it will be placed. 
  • Use one with a rated capacity greater than the maximum load to be lifted. (Never exceed rated capacity)
  • Use one with a duty cycle rating sufficient to handle the job required.
  • Use one with specifications to handle the job requirement. Some of the items to be considered are lift required, lifting speed, operating voltage, reeving and headroom. 
  • Use one with a motor driven trolley in most instances.
  • Use one with a mechanical load brake when redundant braking is required or when a standard variable frequency drive (not flux vector) is to be used.
  • Use one with a rope guide if the hook block is ever allowed to rest on the floor or some other object causing slack in the cable that might cause the wire rope to jump out of the drum grooves.
  • Use one with true vertical lift (double reeved) when the slight hook drift of single reeving causes an application problem such as lowering a load down into an opening.
  • Use one with a two-speed or a variable frequency drive with higher capacities and speeds.

CAUTION: These tips are provided as a starting point in the selection process and are not universally applicable.
Please consult our experts for the solution to your specific application problem.

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