Columbus McKinnon (CM) is the nation's leading supplier of hoists and associated lifting products. With it's flagship Lodestar electric chain hoist, CM hoists have been the market leaders in the US for generations. Ace stocks a wide variety of CM manual and electric hoists, as well as a complete line of CM rigging products. Ace is also a certified repair and warranty center for CM hoists and lifting products.

CM Lever Hoists

CM Puller & CM Come Alongs

The CM 640 Puller has one of the simplest designs of any lever hoist, yet boasts durability unparalleled in the industry. The Series 653 lever operated hoist is a high quality, rugged, steel tool for close quarter pulling, stretching, and hoisting applications. Its characteristc short hangle, along with minimal lever pull effort, make this tool ideal for a broad range of applications. CM mini hoists can lift up to 1100 lbs. while weighing less than 7 lbs.
CM Hand Chain Hoists

CM Chain Falls & CM Chain Hoists

The CM Cyclone is the benchmark by which all other hand chain hoists are measured. The Cyclone combines efficiency and durability to provide a light hoist that requires minimal effort to lift heavy loads. It also comes standard with a load limiter to prevent overloading of the hoist. CM 622 chain fall is the economical model by Columbus Mckinnon. The 622 is less expensive than most models, but is still rugged and has a one-year warranty. The CM Hurricane hand hoist is an economical, high-quality, rugged unit with features unique to a hoist of this class. Designed with fewer parts to assure long life and minimal maintenance.
CM Electric Hoists

Electric Chain Hoists

The CM Lodestar is probably the most popular hoist in service today. It features a simple design, grease filled gearcase and heavy duty components throughout. If you are looking for a more cost effective hoist, the CM ShopStar provides many of the Lodestar's features in a smaller package.
CM Air Hoists

Air Chain Hoist

The CM ShopAir combines superior lifting speeds, rugged design and precise load spotting in a portable air hoist. It is ideal for workstation use or light production.
CM Trolleys

Trolleys, Manual & Powered

Several types of trolleys are available from CM. The compact CM 632 trolley is revolutionary for its lightweight design. The heavier duty 633 trolley is notable for its smooth operation and rugged construction. For powered applications, the universal CM Railstar can be utilized with any hook mounted hoist.
CM Shackles


CM shackles have the highest working load limits of any carbon shackles in the industry, providing substantially higher working load limits than other brands.
CM Hoist Parts

Replacement Parts

Ace is one of the largest stocking distributors of CM parts in the country. Browse our online diagrams to find OEM replacement parts for different models of CM hoists.


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