J.C. Renfroe & Sons has been a leader in the manufacturing and marketing of lifting products for over 70 years.
J.C. Renfroe designed the first clamps to meet the rising demand for safer steel handling in shipyards prior to World War II. Thus began J.C. Renfroes commitment to quality and safety. We have grown to become an international company whose reputation continues to be unblemished. The quality and durability of our products and the superior quality of our customer service have earned us a strong and loyal following in the lifting and rigging industry.


Lifting Clamps / Plate Dogs

Whether it’s big, small or somewhere in between, if your operation depends on using the right size lifting clamp for the job, you need a Renfroe clamp. That’s because J.C. Renfroe has an extensive selection of products with many rated lifting capacities. We’re so determined that you find the right model for your lifting needs that, if you can’t find it from our line of clamps, we’ll happily engineer one specially suited to your application. We even offer free safety surveys and training seminars for our customers. That’s what comes from being tuned into our customers’ needs and wants for more than 65 years. It’s no wonder that outstanding customer service and on-time deliveries rank right up there with our being able to offer you the best quality lifting clamp in the industry.

Renfroe Repair / Rebuilt Kits

The construction of J.C. Renfroe products permits the installation of rebuild parts to be accomplished by qualified personnel utilizing recommended procedures for inspection and installation of each product model as recommended in the Maintenance Section of the Operator's Manuals. When necessary, worn or damaged parts may be replaced by installing replacement parts or through the use of a J.C. Renfroe Rebuild Kit which includes all parts generally replaced due to normal wear. Parts not subjected to daily operating wear are not included in the Rebuild Kit Page.


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