A Buyer's Guide to Come Alongs & Lever Hoists

Why should you use a lever hoist?

  • Portability is the principal reason for use of a lever hoist.
  • Initial cost is another important reason why lever hoists are often chosen over powered hoists.
  • Lever hoists provide excellent spotting capability.
  • They need little maintenance.
  • Reparability for premium models is excellent.
  • Flexibility of operation.
  • A lever hoist has no electrical components to cause sparks or arcing in explosive classified areas.

When should you use a lever hoist?

  • When the lift is not vertical.
  • When portability and flexibility are the key concern.
  • When initial cost is an overriding concern.
  • When precise spotting of the load is required.
  • When electric or air power is not readily available.
  • For temporary uses such as installations, portable job boxes, etc.

Which lever hoist should you use?

  • Use an economy model when initial cost is important but reparability and high efficiency are not.
  • Use a premium model when dependability and quality are important considerations.
  • Use one with a rated capacity no greater than the structure on which it will be placed.
  • Use one with a capacity sufficient for the job at hand.
  • Use one with an effort required, that is suitable for the operator.

General Lever Hoist Selection Tips

  • Warning: Lever hoists are the cause of most hoist related accidents in the workplace. Often this is due to overloading of the hoist through the use of a leverage aid (such as a cheater bar). These leverage aids can severely overload the hoist and cause failures of the hoisting mechanism, including dropping the load. If the load cannot be lifted without a leverage aid, please select a higher capacity hoist or contact a rigging or hoist expert for help.
  • Premium lever hoists differ from the economy models in the amount of machining done, and quality of materials used in the manufacturing process. Better materials and more machine work have a higher cost but produce a more efficient and reliable hoist.

CAUTION: These tips are provided as a starting point in the selection process and are not universally applicable. Please consult our experts for the solution to your specific application problem.

Why should you buy a Come Along / Lever Hoist from Ace Industries?

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*Ace satisfaction guarantee: If you are dissatisfied with any item purchased from Ace, that is a normal stock item for Ace, you may return it for full refund or credit at any time within 10 days following shipment. Items must be returned prepaid, and a return goods authorization number must be issued by Ace and be included with the return. Returned items must be complete, undamaged and in new condition. Stock items modified by Ace to fit a particular application such as changing chain lift, are not covered by this satisfaction guarantee and are subject to a reasonable restocking charge.