At Ace Industries, we know that properly maintained crane runway rails are key to a safe and efficient overhead crane system, whether you have top-running or under-running cranes. Our Runway Rail Survey Program uses advanced technology and expert knowledge to assess your runway's condition, identifying misalignment and wear. After the survey, you'll receive a detailed report with clear recommendations for maintenance, adjustments, or replacement. By proactively addressing runway and rail issues through our program, you can boost your crane system's safety, performance, and longevity, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

Why Invest In A Runway Survey?

Invest in Ace's Runway Rail Surveys to prevent premature wear, avoid skewed travel and crane jams, and detect component failures early. This will ultimately minimize derailment risks and ensure better compliance with industry standards. The bottom line is that it helps your bottom line: with this service, you can maximize your uptime and minimize your liability.

1) Maximize Your Crane Uptime

Investing in a runway survey is critical for ensuring your crane operations are not just sustained, but optimized. Regular runway surveys help identify potential issues before they lead to downtime, thus maximizing crane availability. This proactive approach ensures your operations run smoothly and continuously, boosting productivity and ultimately enhancing your bottom line.

2) Enhance Operational Safety and Minimize Liability

A runway survey from Ace Industries is a crucial investment in the safety and reliability of your crane. By identifying and addressing issues like misalignment, wear and tear on tracks, and structural integrity, you significantly reduce the risk of accidents and malfunctions. This not only protects your workforce but also minimizes your liability, safeguarding your business against costly legal and insurance repercussions. Choosing this preventative service demonstrates your commitment to safety standards and regulatory compliance (including adherence to CMAA Specifications #70 and #74), making your business a trustworthy partner and employer.

9 Signs You Are In Need Of A Runway Survey

For any business relying on crane operations, maintaining peak performance and ensuring the highest safety standards is not just beneficial—it’s essential. A runway survey represents a pivotal investment in the health and efficiency of your crane system. While regular checks and routine maintenance are fundamental, there are certain indicators that suggest a need for a more thorough investigation through a runway survey.

  1. Misalignment or Drifting: If your crane exhibits drifting or misalignment during operation, it could indicate underlying issues with the track or wheel alignment.
  2. Wear on Wheels and Rails: Significant erosion or deterioration on the wheels or rails can compromise crane functionality and safety.
  3. Loose Rail Connectors: Unsecured or loose rail connectors can lead to structural instabilities and pose serious risks.
  4. Unusual Sounds: Any abnormal noises when the crane is in motion are a clear sign of potential problems that need immediate attention.
  5. Frequent Replacements Needed: If there's a regular need to replace bridge connectors, rail joins, rail pieces, or wheel axles, this is a red flag indicating deeper issues.
  6. Wheel Flange Damage: Any damage or fractures in wheel flanges can severely affect crane operations and might lead to catastrophic failures.
  7. Inconsistent Crane Movement: Jerky operations or inconsistent movements are often symptoms of mechanical or structural problems.
  8. Visible Rail Deformations: Any visible deformities in the rails or support structures can impair crane performance and safety.
  9. Increased Vibration: Excessive shakiness or vibration during crane maneuvers suggests alignment issues or mechanical faults.

With Ace Industries Runway Surveys, You Will Get:

1) Trustworthy Service From A Company With A Longstanding Reputation

With over 90 years of dedication and service, Ace has built a reputation as a trusted leader in the crane industry. Our history is filled with satisfied customers who have seen their equipment thrive under our care. Our legacy of excellence ensures that we understand the intricacies of effective crane maintenance, and our forward-thinking approach underscores our commitment to adapt and innovate to meet the evolving needs of today's American businesses.

2) Accurate Results From Cutting-Edge Technology

We utilize the most advanced equipment in the industry to conduct precise measurements and assessments. Our team of specialists is trained to operate state-of-the-art surveying tools, ensuring that every inspection is meticulous and every issue is pinpointed with accuracy. By integrating the iCube with our advanced surveying equipment and proven techniques, we deliver unparalleled reliability and precise results, offering comprehensive and robust survey and reporting. This tool allows our team to capture detailed data and provide insights that go beyond standard checks, ensuring your crane operates safely and efficiently.

3) A Clear Action Plan Post-Report

Following each survey, you will receive a detailed report that includes expert analysis and actionable recommendations. These reports are designed to give you a clear understanding of your crane's condition and the necessary steps to enhance its performance and safety. We know that time is money, and our processes are designed to get your crane back to peak performance quickly.

Additional Features of Ace Runway Surveys:

  • Comprehensive Survey: Checks lateral and vertical alignment, measures elevations, span, and rail deviation, evaluates side clearance for optimal performance.
  • Thorough Data Collection: Inspects runway sides, beam locations, and rail centers; collects vertical alignment and elevation data; measures bridge crane spans accurately.
  • Crane Span Verification: Documents or collaborates with manufacturers for accurate field measurements.
  • Industry Standards Compliance: Adheres to CMAA Specifications #70 and #74, ensuring all surveys meet or exceed national standards.

Let us help you maintain your competitive edge with our superior runway surveys!

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