Coffing Hoists, based in Wadesboro, NC, is renowned for quality products and superior service. The Coffing JLC electric chain hoist is one of the most popular hoists in use today due to an abundance of features at a value price. Customize your Coffing chain hoist, electric hoist or lever hoist with the options you need. You can also browse our extensive inventory of Coffing hoist parts through helpful diagrams that allow you to find the correct replacement part for your hoist. Ace is also a certified repair and warranty center for Coffing hoists. Coffing's line of hoists stand for reliability and efficiency.

Coffing Lever Hoists Coffing Hoists

Coffing Lever Hoist & Coffing Come Along

The Coffing LSB lever hoist provides a high level of quality and features while maintaining an economical price.
Coffing Hand Chain Hoists Coffing Hoists

Coffing Chain Hoist

Coffing LHH hand chain hoists are stamped steel construction and provide a cost effective solution to any lifting requirement. Models are available up to 50-Ton capacity (5-Ton online).
Coffing Electric Hoists Coffing Hoists

Coffing Electric Hoist

The Coffing JLC electric chain hoist is one of the most recognizable hoists in America. Sold under the Dayton, Milwaukee and Little Mule trade names (among others), it offers arguably the most features per dollar of any hoist available. Coffing EC hoists are heavy duty and offer a wider variety of speeds and lifting capacities. The light duty Shop Hoist, Coffing EMC and Coffing EMW are compact in design and are perfect for applications where initial investment is key.
Coffing Beam Clamps Coffing Hoists

Coffing Beam Clamp

Available up to 10-Ton capacity, Coffing beam clamps are ideal as anchors for vertical or horizontal rigging operations. They can be used as hoisting anchors or as tools for positioning and holding beams for welding.
Coffing Parts Coffing Hoists

Replacement Parts

Ace is one of the largest stocking distributors of Coffing hoist parts in the country. Browse our online diagrams to find original Coffing parts for different models of Coffing hoists.


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