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At Ace, we take pride in understanding our clients and their businesses. We’ve been helping our customers succeed for over 90 years and the entrepreneurial outlook and diverse experience of our seasoned professionals allow us to relate to them and the daily challenges they face. As a result, we’re dedicated to providing relationship-driven, customer-first, strategic service designed to help every one of our numerous clients of varying size, type, industry sector and location, achieve and exceed their goals.

Whether you’re a family-owned company like we are, or an international corporation, you can expect us to have the skills and credentials, industry insight and expertise, to provide hands-on support, to assess your situation thoroughly, and come back to you with what we are sure is the right solution. Ace qualified technicians are experienced in OSHA compliant inspections, preventative maintenance, scheduled and emergency repairs, new equipment installations and modernizations for all types of material handling equipment, in a wide variety of industries. If your facility uses lifting equipment, Ace Industries can optimize its potential to work best for you.

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Workstation cranes in manufacturing plant

Our goals-based approach focuses on improving lifting equipment safety, reliability and effectiveness. This approach helps enhance our customer’s production uptime, efficiency, and operating cost throughout their equipment lifecycle. Our world class manufacturing facilities can engineer and custom outfit your business with bridge cranes of all duty classes, light rail workstation cranes, jib cranes, gantry cranes, monorails, hoists or below the hook devices.

At Ace we always operate with your safety in mind first and aim to cultivate the highest level of ease of doing business by maintaining an approachable, helpful customer-first attitude and providing as much transparency as possible. As your crane industry experts, Ace representatives can make recommendations for process improvement and tracking of your progress and expenses are available through our easy 24/7 online customer portal.

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ENERGY CUSTOMER REVIEW   5 star review stars

"Unplanned events have decreased since 2019 and our equipment is more efficient and effective for day-to-day operations...Our Ace branch manager in Mobile bends over backwards for us. He makes our problems his problem."

TITLE: Maintenance Manager
CUSTOMER BUSINESS: Builds and reworks transformers, panels, power transmission products, voltage regulators and circuit breakers as seen at substations along US highways. From small units all the way up to the 550 KV units that take 218 wheelers to haul one unit to the field for assembly.
LIFTING EQUIPMENT: Over 60 cranes on location
ACE SERVICE: Installations, repairs, breakdowns, new equipment sales, since 2019

"I can say with certainty that we have avoided unnecessary downtime due to issues that were identified with Ace doing our inspections. Unplanned events have decreased since 2019 and our equipment is more efficient and effective for day-to-day operations. The Ace guys are superstars. Our Ace branch manager in Mobile bends over backwards for us. He makes our problems his problem. When the chips are on the table, and decisions need to be made, and the sharks are circling, the Ace branch manager will come up here and stand in the conference room and explain the situation from a technical standpoint that I can't. The Ace team really jumps through flaming hoops for us! They’ve really gone out of their way to ensure we have a good working relationship.

I really can't say enough about the level of service. Good quality guys at Ace. And, you know, our enterprise is a half billion dollar operation. For a long time before working with Ace, we didn’t do a lot of preventative maintenance. We get really nervous when something interrupts production and cranes are a big part of production. But when Ace took over doing our crane inspections, they identified a lot of chinks in our armor that needed to be addressed.

Shutting down production to make corrections is difficult, we get really picky about those time slots. It’s hard to get that time in our schedule to shut down without it being a dangerous situation, but certain types of repairs require the cranes to be out of service for a specified amount of time. The Ace team bends over backwards to be here. The opportunities for downtime are usually over holidays, times when everybody wants to be home with their family. And Ace always comes through for us, regardless. We really appreciate that."

RETAIL CUSTOMER REVIEW   5 star review stars

"With Ace it’s a partnership and it feels that way. It's a good relationship."

TITLE: Purchasing Manager
LOCATION: Birmingham, AL
CUSTOMER BUSINESS: Tractor dealership; uses material handling equipment to repair and rebuild tractors
LIFTING EQUIPMENT: From 2-1000 units per building to 400+ units at multiple locations
ACE SERVICE: Inspections, inspection repairs, modernizations, installations

"It can be unnecessarily complicated to get our cranes serviced. We have a wide variety of needs at any one location and different Ace branches cover our different regional territories. Ace consolidates all their efforts into one point of contact, that is one of the things that has really helped us. So, all the communication is handled on the Ace side. I think when you have a larger customer, it goes a long way to have just one person spearhead everything.

Most of our work with Ace is maintenance driven–having everything in place and making sure that it's operating safely and maintained correctly, so that there's not an issue with safety. The kind of service Ace provides has helped to get our largest users to understand that when crane issues arise, while they may not cause an immediate breakdown, what happens six or eight months down the road? If the next inspection is a year from now and we anticipate the crane may not make it a year, we want to take care of it now. Those are the things that preventative maintenance and the inspection process helps get in front of. With Ace, we’ve learned scheduled inspections and preventative maintenance are key to preventing breakdowns because downtime is brutal. It’s a real pain and it’s costly. Nobody wants downtime.

In the past, people at our different branches used different crane service providers, and you didn't know what kind of quality they were getting. There wasn’t any consistency and there was no plan. Working with Ace has really streamlined things to be a lot more consistent. We work together as partners and have actually established best practices in regards to crane care for us as a company, as a whole. With Ace it’s a partnership and it feels that way. It's a good relationship."

Disclaimer—Ace Industries protects the rights of our customers and honors their non-disclosure requests to withhold name of company and employee for case studies, direct quotes and testimonials on Initials and job titles used for identification reference only.