CM HTG 5 Ton Geared Clevis Trolley

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CM HTG and HTP Clevis Trolleys can easily be installed in seconds for exact positioning or seamless traversing of loads with manual or powered hoists. These universal trolleys are compatible with nearly any Columbus McKinnon hoist brand or model.
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Capacity (Ton) Product Code A (in.) D (in.) D1 (in.) D2 (in.) Beam Flange Range (in.) Min. Radius Curve (in)
5 HTG0500A 5.22 1.30 2.36 2.76 3.55 - 8.67 55.12
H1 (in.) I (in.) L (in.) L1 (in.) O (in.) P2 (in.) L3 (in.) Weight (lbs.)
1.18 5.16 17.72 8.23 4.92 6.59 21.89 114
  • Quick, simple installation in seconds. Adjust the flange width in a matter of seconds by turning the trolley axle, eliminating the need for loose parts, including spacer washers, when installing the trolley.
  • A truly universal trolley. Clevis Trolleys are compatible with nearly any Columbus McKinnon hoist brand or model, so you‚Äôre free to use whatever manual or powered hoist you have or need. Trolleys with a capacity of 5 tons or less have A and B models adjustable to fit a wide range of beam widths and profiles.
  • Smooth, reliable operation. Adjustments are made by rotating the clevis load bar, ensuring the centered positioning of the hoist in the clevis to prevent creeping to the left or right. Trolley wheels are pre-lubricated with encapsulated ball bearings for smooth rolling. Trolleys are equipped with wrap-around steel trolley guards that protect the trolley and also provide drop protection. Rubber bumpers are available as optional equipment.
  • Spark-resistant models are available for all capacities, spark-resistant trolleys are equipped with bronze wheels, rubber bumpers as standard equipment.
  • Available as a PlainTrolley.