Yale YK 3 Ton Wire Rope Hoist, 20/3.3 fpm Dual Speed, Three Phase, 20ft Lift

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Established in 1932, Ace industries have supplied replacement, maintenance, and repair parts from original equipment manufacturers (OEM) for over 90 years. Our parts department has extensive knowledge of all Yale electric chain, and wire rope hoists. At Ace Industries, we stock over 1000s of hoist parts and accessories that can be ready to ship the next day. We can assist in finding the right new in-stock part to fit your needs, whether the hoist is current or discontinued. Ace industries also sell brand-new electric chain, air powered, wire rope, and manual hoists; when it is time to replace your unit, contact an Ace Industries Professional at 800-733-2231 or visit our website aceindustries.com.
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YK Series

Capacity (Tons)


Lifting Speed (FPM)


Motor (HP)



230/3/60 or 460/3/60

Weight, Base Model (lbs)


  • Block operated limit switch - The hoist is provided with a block actuated upper limit switch, meeting the requirements of A.S.M.E. The limit switch is actuated by contact with the lower block, preventing double blocking, possible rope breakage and load drop. Also included is an upper and lower geared limit switch.
  • Hoist gearcase and motor ‚ Helical geared and lubed for life means no oil change out is required. Precision gearing for quite operation in an enclosed housing for maximum accuracy and stability. The motor is 3 phase A.C. squirrel cage induction motor, 2 speed cylindrical motor and flywheel mass for smooth start and stop, 6:1 ratio with class F insulation, S4 duty class, 40/20% duty cycle, IP55 or NEMA 4/12. Standard motor thermal protection.
  • Wire rope drum and wire rope guide - The wire rope drum is machined from quality steel, grooved to a depth equal to 40% of the rope‚ diameter, with a cast iron spheroidal graphite rope guide to help ensure the rope stays in the grooves.
  • Trolley traverse drive ‚All trolleys come standard with anti-tipping devices, trolley guards, bumpers and drop lugs. The motor is a 2 speed, S4 duty class, class F insulation, IP 55 or NEMA4/12 and includes a DC motor brake. The standard traverse speed is 80/20 fpm.
  • Control panel ‚ The UL508A fiberglass enclosure is corrosion resistant and lightweight plus is very accessible for ease of maintenance. It features standard motor performance monitoring, inching operation is suppressed for reduced jogging, includes oversized contactors for added safety and standard temperature monitoring of hoist and trolley motors.
  • Drum reeving and lower block - Hoist is reeved to a low-headroom design lower block for minimum headroom and maximum lift. Includes specialized wire rope that is highly flexible and features a long service life. The filed-proven enclosed rope guide constructed of spheroidal graphite cast iron for high-temperature applications. A 360-degree rope tensioner prevents rope slackening for added safety and performance. Robust bottom hook block with low headroom design for use in tight spaces.