Tractel 2 ton Dynafor Expert - Wireless Loadlink, Load Indicator

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Its design offers an extreme accuracy (0.1% of the maximum measuring range). The Dynafor Expert is suitable for simple to highly complex projects.
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The Dynafor® Expert, designed and manufactured by Tractel, is a wireless digital
dynamometer, used in high precision applications. With its unique design, it allows
to reach extreme precision.

  • Capacity range from 0.5t up to 10t
  • Radio-Frequency 2.4GHz chipset for wireless range up to 400m with Tractel® dynaforTM HHD, large displays AL128, DMU and software accessories
  • Bluetooth chipset for a connection to any smartdevice equipped with our free app', up to 30m
  • 0.1% accuracy of full scale
  • Powered by 3 AA batteries
  • IP 64
  • Unique loadcell compatible with clevis hook and shackle
  • Replaces the previous LLX2 in our range with improved electronic and functionality