Stren-Flex Simian GT 6,000 lb Green Polyester Eye & Eye Roundsling

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Roundslings are ideal when you are looking for a light-weight sling that can lift heavy loads. Made of high strength fibers that are completely encased by a tough tubular jacket, roundslings provide superior weight to capacity ratios and durable construction.

Manufactured to comply with all OHSA, ASME and WSTDA Industry Standards

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  • All the benefits of a Stren-Flex endless polyester round sling
  • Outer cover is designed with a unique weave structure of treated high tenacity polyester yarns that protect the sling from abrasive wear
  • Stripe coded to assist in identifying sling capacity, each stripe equals 3000lbs of vertical capacity
  • Print coded with vertical capacity on outer cover
  • Color coded for easy identification
  • Protected tag feature helps protect tag from illegibility
  • Individually serialized for traceability
  • Highest capacities per color in the industry