Spring Washer - ES218010S

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The Spring Washer - ES218010S is a versatile mechanical component commonly used in various industries and applications. Made of high-quality materials, it provides reliable tension and vibration resistance to fastening systems.

The ES218010S spring washer is designed to be placed under a bolt or nut, acting as a cushioning and locking device. It features a split design with a slight conical shape, allowing it to compress under load. This compression creates a spring-like tension that helps to maintain the integrity of the fastening assembly.

By providing a consistent and controlled amount of pressure, the ES218010S spring washer helps prevent loosening or loss of tension in the fastener due to vibrations, thermal expansion, or other external forces. This feature makes it particularly useful in applications where maintaining a secure connection is crucial, such as automotive, aerospace, machinery, and construction.

The spring washer is typically used in conjunction with standard flat washers to distribute the load evenly and prevent surface damage. It can be easily installed and removed using standard tools.

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