Spanco A-Series 2 Ton - Fixed Height Steel Gantry Crane

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Spanco ® A-Series All-Steel Gantry Cranes are portable, lightweight, low-cost lifting solutions with sturdy A-frame designs. Spanco A-Series Gantry Cranes also have greater clear spans because they do not require four brace legs. You can independently adjust the length of the gantry legs to meet ever-changing lift requirements. Aluminum construction with an adjustable span is also available.
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Span B1 (ft.) Model Number Clear Span C (ft.) HUB D1 (ft.) Beam Size E1 Flange Width E2 (in.) Tread F (ft.) Caster Dia.G (in.) Weight (lbs.)
10 2F1010 8' 10" 10' S8" X 18.4# 4" 6' 6" 8" 612
15 2F1510 13' 10" S10" X 25.4# 4-5/8" 809
20 2F2010-W 18' 10" W12" X 35# 6-1/2" 1,128
25 2F2510-W 23' 10" W12" X 35# 6-1/2" 1303
30 2F3010-W 28' 8" W16" X 50# 7-1/8" 1928
  • Adjustable Spans: Shortened for transport down narrow aisles.
  • Heavy-Duty Casters: Four-position, swivel-lock casters with moldon polyurethane wheels for excellent floor protection
  • Virtually eliminates the swaying motion common to other three-way adjustable gantry designs
  • Gives greater stability while allowing the I-beam to pivot independently of the legs and to self-center over the load
  • Cost effective for areas with infrequent lifts
  • Wider spans available, call Ace Industries Professionals at 800-733-2231