Magnetek Flex EX2 System 4 Button Handheld Spare Transmitter For Gen 1

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Flex EX2 spare transmitters are durable, rugged, and feature-rich radios ideal for use in material handling, overhead crane, and industrial applications. They are available in 4, 6, 8, and 12 button configurations. Ideal for Crane and Hoist applications. Please provide serial number and channel when ordering. For use with GEN 1 systems.
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  • For use with GEN 1 systems.
  • Please provide serial number and channel when ordering.
  • Two transmitters with four 2-speed pushbuttons (2-motion, 2-speed with E-stop, Off/On/Start)
  • Innovative and Efficient Performance: Advanced microprocessor controls with 32-bit CRC and Hamming Code provide ultra-fast, safe, precise and error-free encoding and decoding. The handheld transmitter comes equipped with more than 200 programmable functions to suit all types of applications.
  • Secure & Dependable Communications: Frequency agility feature automatically switches channels when interference is detected on a channel. Built-in infrared allows for transmitter configuration with the IR Programmer, so transmitter unit doesn’t need to be opened up to configure. Advanced synthesized RF controls with 124 channels add flexibility to frequency management in the field. 62 channels are user-programmable.
  • Ergonomic & Reliable Design: Rounded transmitter enclosures made from industrial-strength nylon and fiberglass composite materials combine comfort with durability. Pushbuttons feature gold-plated contacts and are rated for more than one million press cycles. The defined snap-action pushbutton steps provide positive tactile feedback even while wearing gloves.
  • Drop Detection Capability: This durable features-rich radio comes standard with drop detection capability designed to identify an accidental transmitter drop, ceasing all operation, preventing unintended equipment motion and enhancing system safety.