Littelfuse Series JTD Class J, 100 Amp Fuse, JTD100

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JTD100 is a Class J fuse with an ampere rating of 100 and cartridge-style construction. The JTD Series time-delay, dual-element fuses carry the Littelfuse POWR-PRO® advanced technology designation and are specifically designed for circuits where space is at a premium. They are ideal for use in systems with high in-rush currents. The JTD fuses offer a patented design that reduces nuisance fuse openings. In addition, they provide Type 2 “No Damage” protection for both NEMA- and IEC-type motor circuit components. These fuses help lower the costs associated with downtime, provide longer fuse life by minimizing nuisance openings, increase system performance by minimizing equipment damage, and improve safety by minimizing accidents.

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Ampere Rating (A) 100
VAC (V) 600
VDC (V) 300
Interupting Rating 20 kA @ 300 Vdc
Opening Slo-Blo/Time Lag (T)/Time Delay
Type Class J
  • POWR-PRO® technology
  • Dual-element
  • Patented design
  • Current-limiting