J.C. Renfroe Model SCPA 3 Ton Lifting Clamp

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The SCPA clamp is capable of handling steel plate from horizontal to vertical to horizontal through a 180 degree arc and may be used for handling plate at rolling and forming machines. These clamps feature a spring loaded pivoting cam jaw that "cams in" when a load is applied to the lifting shackle. Clamp is capable of handling plate horizontally when used in pairs or sets of pairs, or in a tripod arrangement. *Pivoting shackle assembly, as shown, is available on capacities of 3 tons and larger.
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Capacity(Tons) Jaw OpeningA (in.) B (in.) C(in.) E(in.) F(in.) G(in.) H(in.) J(in.) K(in.) L(in.) M(in.) N(in.) P(in.) R(in.) Weight(lbs.)
3 0 - 2 3-1/8 5  3/4 2-3/8 10  3/16 4  1/16 2 13/16 3/4 2   8  5/8  3 6 3/4 21  3/8 24