Ingersoll Rand PT 2 Ton Manual Push Hoist Trolley

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The Ingersoll Rand hoists and hoists accessories are the ideal choice when high speed, high duty-cycle, precision spotting, and the ability to operate in harsh environments are the determining factors. No one knows hoists like Ingersoll Rand. Ingersoll Rand offer a broad range of hoists accessories to meet the demands of the Industry. Ingersoll Rand PT020-8 Plain Hook Mounted Trolley is rated to use with both manual and powered hoists. These PT Series plain trolleys come in 0.50 to 10 Metric Ton capacity and offer the versatility to fit most types of beams with compatibility to all hoist brands.
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Capacity (tons)

Model# Weight (lbs) Min. Curve Radius (in) Flange adjustment (in) Min. beam height (in)
1/2 PT005-8 5.5 36 8-13 4
1 PT010-8 9.5 48 3.05-8 5
2 PT020-8 10 48 8-13 6
3 PT030-8 16.3 60 4.00-8 7
5 PT050-8 24.8 60 4.71-8 8
10 PT100-12 205 83 7.00-12 10
  • The 5:1 design factor allows the PT Series to be used with both manual or powered hoists. Meets pertinent U.S. (ASME/ANSI and CMAA), Canadian and European standards.
  • The side plates, including the rail sweeps/drop stops, are made of cold formed steel for strength, durability and even load distribution.
  • The wheel axles are "rivet-locked" in place so they will not come loose. They are NOT knurled, welded, or modified bolts.
  • The wheels are cast iron. The "universal" tread fits either flat or tapered beams.
  • Wheels run on sealed, "lubed-for-life" ball bearings. Smoother rolling with less effort and...less maintenance.
  • Wide hanger shaft assemblies allow the PT Series trolley to fit almost any I-Beam, H-Beam or patented track beam up to 8.06 in./205 mm width.
  • PT Series trolley hanger shafts are designed to accept all hoist brands. The hanger shaft has a "squared out" recess to accept round or squared hook shapes.
  • The trolleys are painted black for universal coordination.