Ingersoll Rand HLK-KR 1 Ton Air Chain Hoist, Pendant Controlled, Spark Resistant

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Serving industry for over 25 years, the rugged and reliable HLK series share a common design with many interchangeable parts. With high speeds and precise spotting, these hoists are ideal for high production cycle operations. Spark resistant, designated with a KR suffix, is offered. HLK series come with a wide array of options and accessories HLK series hoists come complete with 10 feet of standard lift and either 6 feet of pendant control or 6 feet of pull chain control
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Brand Ingersoll Rand
Model HLK-KR
Capacity (Ton) 1
Lift (ft.) 10
Lifting Speed (FPM) 26
Reeving 1
Weight, Base Model (lbs.) 84 lbs.
  • Ingersoll Rand HLK - The HLK Series incorporates a larger chain wheel to accommodate 3/8‚Äù diameter chain and a lower gear ratio to handle increased load capacities.
  • Capacity & Lift - HLK Series hoist capacities range from 1 to 6 Ton and are severe-duty rated. With a standard lift of 10 feet.
  • Motor - 100 percent duty-cycle multi-vane motor with high torque, low maintenance design, and air porting under vanes for smooth operation, positive starting, and long life.
  • Frame - High-strength aluminum housing is strong, yet lightweight for maximum portability and weather resistance.
  • Chain - Slack chain is guided into drive wheels by a specially designed opening that prevents dangerous cross-linking. A small amount of exhaust air flows over chain and drive wheel to help lubricate chain from spent in-line lubrication of motor.
  • Brake - Air-operated, non-asbestos, self-adjusting disc brake balances effort to motor torque by sensing air pressure in the valve chest, providing precise control and eliminating back-drop encountered with some mechanical brakes; if air supply is interrupted, pressure release causes instantaneous, automatic braking
  • Gears - Heat-treated planetary gearing system provides high-torque capability by splitting the torque path, thereby dividing and balancing the load over more teeth, assuring longer life and reduced maintenance.
  • Safety - Upper and lower limit stops prevent dangerous over-travel of the hook in either direction, reducing possible damage to hoist or load. Manual brake release kit allows operators to safely lower a suspended load in a power failure.