Harrington UP 5 Ton Underhung Push End Trucks

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Harrington UP end trucks provide similar benefits to the UM underhung motorized truck, but for push operation. Along with many important features, end truck kits include: two trucks; rubber bumpers; and bridge beam fastener set. All trucks are fully painted. Bridge fabrication prints are also included. As a member of CMAA, Harrington builds UP trucks to meet current industry and regulatory codes.
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Cap. (Tons) Max Span (ft) Part No. Wheel Dia (in) Flange Range
Std. (in)
Overall Length (in) Roller Base (in) Wheel Base (in) End Truck Frame
Width (in)
Runway Ctr.
Line to Outer
Edge of ET Tube (in)
Wheel Running Surf to
Bottom of Truck (in)
Width Beyond
Span (in)
Wheel Running
Surf. to Upper
Most Part of ET (in)
Weight (lb)
5 35 UP-3-0535 5.51 4 - 6 60 53 33 T+9.8 M/2 1.6 11.3-T/2 6.4 546
  • Compared to flanged wheel trucks, UP trucks with guide rollers operate easily, particularly in long span or long lift applications.
  • Upgrade easily to underhung geared UG or motorized UM models‚ frames are fully machined and prepared for conversion
  • Longer or shorter end truck lengths are available‚ consult factory.
  • Suitable for use on S or W shaped runway beams.