Handle-It DGA Down Guard Adapters


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Handle-It DGA Down Guard Adapters set rails flush with the floor providing low level protection. Add 1" to overall dimension for Down Guard Adapters are being used. Price per pair.
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  • Tested to withstand 10,000 lbs at 4 mph.
  • Constructed with high-quality ASTM A1011 steel.
  • Powder-coated Handle It® yellow for maximum visibility and durability.
  • Rail lengths from 2′ to 10′ long.
  • Columns are 4.75″ × 4.75″ steel square tube mounted on a 10″ × 10″ base plate.
  • Designed for faster installation to cut down on labor costs.
  • Single (18″) or double high (43″) rail systems.
  • Bolted rail or drop in rail styles.
  • Universal 4 way mounting posts eliminate the need for “end” or “line” posts.
  • All anchors and hardware/caps are included.
  • In-stock items can ship within 24 hours of P.O receipt.