Gorbel Tether Track 50 ft. Ceiling Mounted Monorail 2 Person, Dual Track


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Gorbel ® Work Station Cranes are a proven way to improve productivity, increase quality, and provide a safer work environment. Both the aluminum and steel Gorbel Workstation Crane Systems utilize enclosed track that is high in strength and low in weight. With the ability to span up to 30 ft. and lift capacities between 150 and 4000 lbs., our line of ergonomic crane products guarantees increased productivity. Depending on your needs, Gorbel has the workstation cranes that are sure to handle any project. Have a need for some type of customized material handling solution? Call us, we can design a solution to best fit your application.  
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Manufacturer Gorbel
Maximum Support Centers 50 ft.
Track Type Use 2 Person, Dual
Minimum Weight 7347 lbs.
Includes End Stops, Splice Joint
Warranty  10 Years
  • Provides mobility along a single axis for applications when workers need to travel in a straight line
  • Curved track sections available
  • Variety of hanger options available to accommodate various building structures
  • Unlimited monorail lengths with up to 50‚Äô between supports (dual trussed track only)
  • Systems are designed for workers up to 310lbs with tools when used with 900LB Maximum Arresting Force (MAF) energy absorbing lanyards, properly rated full-body harnesses and connecting device
  • Track can accommodate single or multiple workers, dual bypassing track allows workers to safely pass each other without disconnecting
  • Fall Clearance Calculations