Gorbel Model AJ200- 250 lb. Capacity, Wall Mounted Articulating Jib Crane, 8 - 16 ft. Span


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Gorbel ® Articulating Jib Cranes can position loads in places you cannot reach with traditional jibs. They provide easy rotation and consistent responsiveness when positioning loads throughout the crane's coverage area. Gorbel ® Wall/Column Mounted Articulating Jibs can handle up to 200 ° rotation for the primary boom and up to 360 ° for the secondary boom. The AJ200 is perfect for applications that require maneuvering under obstructions or around obstacles and there is an adequate wall/column to support the crane.
Current Stock:
Capacity (lbs) Span A (ft.) Model Number Weight (lbs.) K (in.) T (in.) H (in.) P (in.) B (in.) Fittiing Type Thrush and Pull (lbs.)
250 8 AJ200-B1-250-8 294 36 3-5/16 15-5/8 1 36 B1 1120
10 AJ200-B1-250-10 400 48 3-15/16 19-1/8 1-3/4 1550
12 AJ200-B1-250-12 457 60 48 1430
14 AJ200-B1-250-14 514 72 60 1380
16 AJ200-B1-250-16 596 84 1640
  • Easy Movement-Traditional jib cranes can be difficult to rotate when the load is on the inner half of the boom. The articulating jibs are easier to rotate in close to the free standing mast or building column.
  • Precise Load Positioning-Gorbel Articulating Jib Cranes are A Class Above when it comes to positioning and spotting loads around an obstruction, through an open doorway, or rotating in close to the free standing mast or building column.
  • Wide Variety of Spans and Capacities-Gorbel Articulating Jib Cranes are available as standard products in capacities up to 2000 lbs. and spans up to 16 ft. without the extra lead time and costs associated with customization.