Ace Industries manufactures and distributes gantry cranes of all spans and capacities. Most motorized or higher capacity gantries, those above 5 ton and 30 foot span, are custom designed and manufactured for unique applications. This web will only detail specifications for some of the lighter gantry cranes that are adaptable to varied applications. Ace Industries can provide a gantry crane to meet any of your needs no matter what size or capacity.


How to Select a Gantry Crane

To help you select a crane that is appropriate for your customer’s specific application — and to determine its price — you’ll need to gather the following information:

  • 1) Capacity: The maximum weight of your customer’s applications must never exceed the crane’s capacity, as listed on the crane’s label.
    • Design Load = Capacity x 1.4
    • Crane’s Design Load = Crane’s Capacity + 15% x Capacity (for hoist and trolley weight) + 25% x Capacity (for impact)
  • 2) Height Under Beam: The distance from the floor or lifting surface to the bottom of the beam.
  • 3) Overall Crane Height:Under beam height + beam height + festooning (if required).
  • 4) Overall Span: Total length of the crane’s I-beam bridge.
  • 5) Clear Span: The distance between the inside of the crane’s legs.

General Information

Benefit to a Gantry Crane

Moving and Lifting heavy materials doesn't have to involve installing expensive equipment or permanently changing your facility. Gantry Cranes do the job efficiently and economically.

Portable Gantries

Plant maintenance applications requiring replacement and relocation of equipment and machinery. Service truck applications requiring quick knockdown for fast and easy movement to and from a work site.

Track Mounted Gantries

Applications requiring lifting and moving of heavy loads over a fixed route, either manual or motorized.