Crosby 50 Link Chain Hook 203T - 1051442

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The Crosby 50 Link Chain Hook 203T - 1051442 is a heavy-duty, high-quality chain hook designed for various lifting and rigging applications. Manufactured by Crosby, a reputable and well-known brand in the industry, this chain hook is engineered to provide superior strength, durability, and reliability.

The 203T model is constructed from forged alloy steel, which ensures its exceptional toughness and resistance to wear and tear. The hook features a self-colored finish, providing added protection against corrosion and rust, allowing for reliable performance even in harsh environments.

With a working load limit (WLL) of 11,200 pounds (5,080 kilograms), the Crosby 50 Link Chain Hook 203T is capable of handling heavy loads with ease. It is designed to be used with Grade 80 chain, providing a secure and dependable connection for lifting and rigging operations.

The chain hook incorporates a latch mechanism, enhancing safety by preventing accidental disengagement of the chain. The latch can be easily opened and closed, allowing for efficient and secure attachment to the load. Additionally, the latch includes a spring-loaded feature, ensuring it remains securely in place during operation.

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