Conductix Airmark Radio Remote Control Kit JAY-MKP46B01

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Two Airmark transmitters with, 433 Mhz Premium, 6 two-step pushbuttons, 2 one-step pushbuttons, 1 off/on/start, 1 mushroom button stop, supplied with 2AA batteries (per transmitter), 2 sets of directional decals, 2 neck lanyards for transmitter. Airmark Receiver, 433 Mhz, 48-230 VAC power supply, Relays: 1 start, and 12 functions, integrated horn and light, and fixed antenna. Installation Manual.
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Right out of the box, Airmark by Conductix-Wampfler is a complete system and ready to go. Each Airmark system includes the following:

  • One Airmark Receiver with built in horn and light
  • Two Airmark 8 Button Transmitters
  • Two sets of (2) AA Batteries
  • Two sets of Button Decals
  • Two Transmitter Neck lanyards
  • Instructional Manual