CM Wire Rope Clip - M252

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The CM Wire Rope Clip - M252 is a vital component for ensuring the secure and reliable fastening of wire ropes. Designed by CM, a renowned name in material handling equipment, this wire rope clip provides a strong and durable connection between wire rope ends.

Engineered with precision, the M252 wire rope clip is crafted to maintain the integrity of wire rope assemblies. It prevents slippage and separation, enhancing safety during lifting and tensioning operations. The clip's robust construction and dependable grip make it suitable for various applications, from construction and rigging to industrial settings.

Easy to install, the CM Wire Rope Clip - M252 is an indispensable tool for professionals who require dependable and efficient wire rope connections. Its quality design ensures long-lasting performance, contributing to the overall safety and success of material handling tasks. Whether used in overhead lifting, securing loads, or other applications, the M252 wire rope clip delivers the reliability and strength needed to get the job done right.

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