CM Swivel Latchlok Hook Mount Kit for Lodestar RRS Electric Chain Hoists

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Established in 1932, Ace industries have supplied replacement, maintenance, and repair parts from original equipment manufacturers (OEM) for over 90 years. Our parts department has extensive knowledge of all Columbus McKinnon (CM) electric, air powered, and manual hoists. At Ace Industries, we stock over 1000s of hoist parts and accessories that can be ready to ship the next day. We can assist in finding the right new in-stock part to fit your needs, whether the hoist is current or discontinued. Ace industries also sell brand-new electric chain, air powered, wire rope, and manual hoists; when it is time to replace your unit, contact an Ace Industries Professional at 800-733-2231 or visit our website
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Brand CM Lodestar RRS
Model Swivel Latchlok Hook Mount Kit
Part # 10001576
Capacity (ton) 2
Base Model Weight (lbs) 5