CM Series 622A, 1/2 Ton Hand Chain Hoist

Made in the USA
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The CM Series 622-A hand chain hoist features a simple, efficient and economical design. With an ultra-low-headroom profile and lightweight steel construction, the CM 622-A chainfall is easy to install, even in confined spaces. Redesigned for optimal performance, this hoist requires even less pull force for operation and has larger hook throat openings for easier attachment. The CM Series 622-A € ™s heat-treated steel frame is designed for a long life. With a 4:1 design factor, this compact hand chain hoist is durable, as well as safe to operate. Its forged hooks swivel 360 degrees and have large throat openings to allow for easier positioning, while the stamped steel safety latches ensure secure load attachments.
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Brand Columbus McKinnon
Model 622-A
Capacity (Ton) 1/2
Body Type Steel
Base, Lift (ft.) 10
Standard Hand Chain Drop 2 ft. less than Lift
Chain Reeving 1
Weight, Base Model (lbs.) 18
  • Compact, Low-Headroom Design - Classic round-type, compact design makes hoist ideal for low-headroom applications.
  • Positive Load Control - Double pawls ensure positive load control in all environments as well as precise load positioning.
  • Long Chain Life - Hardened load chain for flexibility and long wear.
  • Safe, Smooth Operation - Hand wheel cover with guide slots minimizes jamming and slipping. Rolled-edge design ensures smooth movement of hand chain.
  • Low-Maintenance Braking System - Weston-type brake stays clean and dry for precise load positioning. Brake requires no lubrication for ease of maintenance.
  • Low Pull Force - Easy to operate, units feature pull forces as low as 50 lbs.