CM Powerstar 2 Ton Electric Hoist Dual Speed 20/7 fpm - 7302

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CM Powerstar Electric Chain Hoist features a space saving alternative to wire rope hoists for high speed lifting. This heavy-duty hoist is built to maintain its strength and power year after year.
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Brand CM
Model Powerstar
Capacity (Ton) 2
Lift (ft.) 20
Lift Dual Speed (FPM) 20/7
Motor (HP) 5/1.7
Reeving 1
Power Supply Voltage 230V or 460V/3/60
Weight, Base Model (lbs.) 402 lbs.
  • CM Powerstar - Machined and hardened steel Helical gears used throughout hoist for optimum performance and mechanical efficiency. Liftwheel has machined chain pockets and is heat treated alloy steel for maximum strength and wear resistance.
  • Capacity & Lift - Designed for heavy-duty industrial applications from 2 to 15 ton capacities.
  • Motor - Two-speed models operate on 3:1 speed ratio. Motors up to 7 1/2 h.p. provide a wide range of lifting speeds. Push button control is weatherproof (NEMA 4 rated). Extensive use of life-lubricated bearings plus sealed oil bath power train reservoir for minimum maintenance.
  • Frame - Rugged aluminum alloy hoist frame. Chain guide surrounds liftwheel.
  • Brake - Dual braking system. Efficient regenerative braking system avoids heat generation in power train
  • Control - Heavy duty, industrial single speed controls include magnetic reversing contactor which operates on 115 volts provided by a control transformer.
  • Safety - Standard adjustable upper and lower screw limit switches. Standard overload Protector device. Hoistaloy load chain can be easily inspected for wear and abuse. Factory tested to 125% of rated capacity prior to shipment.
  • Suspension Option - Rigid hook, plain, geared, and motorized trolley available. Trolley design permits easy adjustment for installation on a broad range of beam flange widths. Trolley wheels have double row, tapered roller bearings plus machined and hardened universal treads to permit operation on American Standard or flat flanged sections interchangeably. Spur gearing used in all motorized trolleys for improved efficiency and durability. Drop of hand chain on geared trolleys is 2 ft. above hook at lowest position, unless otherwise specified. Designed to be maintained ‚Äúon the beam.‚Äù.
  • Load Chain & Hook - Both the Hoistaloy¬Æ Load Chain and Forged Steel Hook are manufactured in the USA by Columbus McKinnon. This ensures full compatibility and the highest quality control standards are meet at all times. Load Chain is zinc plated for protection against corrosion, and is 100% proof tested.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY - The industry‚Äôs best manufacturers‚Äô warranty against manufacturing and material defects.
  • Made in the U.S.A.