CM 5,400 lbs. Lever Type Load Binder

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Lever-type, or over-the-center, binders utilize mechanical advantage to reduce the manpower required to secure a load. When using a lever-type load binder, tension can be applied and released quickly. Operators should use caution, as the handle may whip suddenly. When securement is complete, the lever stores in line with load.
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Manufacturer CM
Brand Lever Type Load Binder
Chain Grade - Size (in) G30 ‚  3/8G43 ‚ 3/8G70 ‚  5/16
Working Load 5,400 lb
Take-Up (in) 4-1/2
Handle Length (in) 16-1/8
Weight (lbs) 7
  • All components are forged, not cast
  • Forged binders are lighter and stronger than cast binders
  • Under equal force a forged handle will yield and bend while a cast handle may break
  • Design factor 4:1