CM 3 Ton Universal Motorized Trolley

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The CM Universal Trolley (UT) is designed to fit virtually all Columbus McKinnon brand electric and air chain hoists up to 3 ton capacities. The UT is a low-cost rugged trolley designed and built for maximum versatility, a long service life, and is CE Compliant for global appeal. CM UT motorized trolleys are best for applications requiring high cycling and long-distance hoist travel.
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Plain Trolley Fits:
CM Lodestar Electric Chain Hoist CM Valuestar Electric Chain Hoist CM Shopstar Electric Chain Hois
CM Airstar Air Chain Hoist CM Airstar 6 Air Chain Hoist CM Man Guard Electric Chain Hoist
Coffing JLC Electric Chain Hoist Coffing EC1 Electric Chain Hoist Coffing CAH Small frame Air Chain Hoist
Coffing CAH Large frame Air Chain Hoist Budgit BEHC (Manguard) Electric Chain Hoist Budgit 2200 Air Chain Hoist
Budgit 6000 Air Chain Hoist Yale KELC (Manguard) Electric Chain Hoist Yale YJL Electric Chain Hoist
  • SPEED Standard Single Speed: 15, 35 and 75* FPM. Optional 2-Speed: 15/4, 35/9 and 75/19* FPM.
    *75 or 75/19 fpm traverse is available on 3-ton trolleys when used with hoists rated 2-ton capacity or less.
  • AC POWER SUPPLY Standard Single Speed: 208-230/460,575V 3-60 HZ, 3-phase.
  • Optional 2-Speed: 208, 230, 460, 575V 3-60 HZ, 3-phase. OPTIMAL LOAD CONTROL & SAFETY For gentle starts, greater load positioning accuracy, and to minimize load swing, choose the optional 2-speed unit featuring a 4:1 speed ratio and 3-phase single voltage.
  • EASY ACCESS CONTROL BOX Control box design allows the entire cover to be removed for easy access to components. Box has a white background for increased visibility and cover can be used as a tray to hold tools when servicing the unit.
  • WEATHER-PROOFING NEMA 3R Control Box Enclosure.