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1500 VA, Transformer with fused primary and secondary (10442)

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Established in 1932, Ace industries have supplied replacement, maintenance, and repair parts from original equipment manufacturers (OEM) for over 90 years. Our parts department has extensive knowledge of all Magnetek motors, diagnostics, cable and festooning systems. At Ace Industries, we stock over 1000s of hoist parts and accessories that can be ready to ship the next day. We can assist in finding the right new in-stock part to fit your needs, whether the hoist is current or discontinued. Ace industries also sell brand-new electric chain, air powered, wire rope, and manual hoists; when it is time to replace your unit, contact an Ace Industries Professional at 800-733-2231 or visit our website
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Brand Harrington
Model TCR
Capacity (Ton) 1/4
Lift (ft.) 10
Lifting Speed (FPM) 52
Reeving 1
Weight, Base Model (lbs.) 68 lbs.
  • Harrington TCR - Machined and hardened steel Helical gears used throughout hoist for optimum performance and mechanical efficiency. Liftwheel has machined chain pockets and is heat treated alloy steel for maximum strength and wear resistance.
  • Capacity & Lift - Unlimited duty cycle for severe applications. Designed for industrial applications from 1/4 to 6 ton capacities with a standard lift of 10 feet.
  • Motor - Spring-loaded vane motor and pilot air control provide extremely fine feathering ability
  • Frame - Heavy-duty standard body.
  • Brake - Enclosed heavy-duty disc brake provides reliable braking action
  • Control - Very fine feathering control for variable speed and precise load positioning. Available in both Pull Cord of Pendant Control.
  • Safety - Adjustable load limiter stops lift when load is over rated capacity.