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Crane Manufacturing

Ace Industries Inc. has been building quality overhead cranes since 1932. From its history of providing high quality products to its recent acquisition of Gaffey Cranes, Ace is recognized as one of the industry leaders in crane manufacturing, installations, inspections, and service. When looking for quality and experience, look no further than Ace Industries. Ace manufactures overhead cranes right outside of Atlanta, GA and Houston, TX and stocks a vast inventory of hoist, hoist parts, and overhead lifting accessories in their Distribution Centers in Atlanta, GA, Houston, TX, Cincinnati, OH and Pelham, AL.

Read on to learn more about the various types of cranes we provide. For more information please call 1-800-233-8179 or request a quote today for your next crane installation or inspection.

Top Running Single Girder

A top running single girder crane is the most common type of bridge crane system as this configuration typically meets the lifting demands and facility space requirements for most customers.

  • 0.5 to 15 ton capacities
  • 10 to 100+ ft. spans
  • Underhung monorail hoist and trolley attached to the bottom of the bridge beam
  • Crane bridge travels on rails mounted to the top of runway beams (Top Running)
  • Achieves greater lifting height compared to under running systems
  • Easy installation and service

Under Running Single Girder

Under running bridge cranes are an efficient solution to free up floor space as this type of system is typically supported directly by the building roof structure and does not require columns.

  • 0.5 to 15 ton capacities
  • 10 to 60 ft. spans
  • Underhung monorail hoist and trolley attached to the bottom of the bridge beam
  • Crane bridge travels along the bottom flange of the runway beam (Under Running)
  • Maximized floor space
  • Improved hoist approach limits: end approaches along the bridge beam, as well as crane approach at each end of runway

Double Girder

Typically a top running bridge crane, a double girder system utilizes two girders as the bridge structure and a hoist trolley unit that traverses across rails mounted atop the two bridge girders.

  • 20 ton and greater capacities
  • 100+ ft. spans
  • Top running hoist trolley configuration with hook positioned between the two girders
  • Hoist/trolley variation: underhung hoist trolley unit attached to bottom of bridge girders
  • Increased lifting height
  • Greater lifting capacities and longer spans

Workstation Crane

Workstation cranes are an ideal solution for light duty lifting in applications with specific work areas. These systems are modular in nature, therefore allowing easy expansion and relocation as lifting needs change.

  • Typical capacities up to 2 tons
  • Floor supported or ceiling-mounted modular crane systems
  • Easily relocated/removed therefore ideal for leased buildings
  • Precise lifting capabilities

Jib Cranes

Similar to workstation cranes, jib cranes provide a great application specific solution where precise load positioning is required.

  • Up to 5 ton capacity
  • Cantilevered boom lengths up to 30’ standard (longer spans available)
  • Up to 360 degree rotation
  • Minimizes impact to floor space
  • Free standing or wall mounted
  • Motorized and articulating options

Gantry Cranes

Ace Industries can provide a gantry crane to meet any of your needs no matter what size or capacity. Most motorized or higher capacity gantries, those above 5 ton and 30 foot span, are custom designed and manufactured for unique applications. Lighter gantry cranes are light-weight, portable, and adaptable to varied applications.

  • Typical capacities up to 15 Tons
  • Portable or stationary options available
  • Fixed and Adjustable Heights Available
  • Can be disassembled, transported, and rapidly re-assembledand lift heavy objects precisely

Davit Cranes

Light duty versatile lifting system typically used in applications where lifting from an elevated position is required (e.g. lifting an object from below an elevated platform or from within a pit).

  • Typical capacities up to 2200 pounds
  • Portable or stationary options available
  • Manual or motorized operation
  • Ideal for lifting from an elevated position

Custom Cranes and Lifting Apparatus

Ace Industries Engineering consists of an experienced and creative engineering team with the ability to design a solution to meet your application specific lifting and handling needs.

  • Custom engineered/application specific systems
  • Compliance with customer specifications
  • Hazardous location applications
  • Custom below the hook lifting apparatus designed for your specific material handling needs
  • Modernizations & Load Testing

    Modernizations & Load Testing: Ace Industries Inc. has the resources to help you achieve modernizations at your facility and to impact your manufacturing processess. In additiona to Modernizations, Ace has a fully equipped service department that can help you schedule and perform crane & hoist load tests, as OSHA requires rated load tests for new and altered cranes.