OZ 20 Ton Geared Beam Trolley

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The Geared Beam Trolley is designed for the user who has a precision lift and needs the ability to move slowly across the beam with the least amount of sway, the precision ball bearing trolley wheels make it easy to maneuver heavy loads into position at any given point along the I, S, or W beam. The GBT has anti drop plates, double baked enamel paint, with individual test certs, and serial numbers for complete traceability.
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Capacity (Ton) Product Code Beam FlangeRange (in.) Max. FlangeThickness (in.) Min. Radius Curve (in.) Weight (lbs.) Std. Hand ChainLength (ft.) Pull toLift (lbs.) Chain Pull toMove 1 Foot(ft.)
20 OZ20GBT 5.39 - 12.99 2.17 11.48 406 9.00 18 47.83
A (in.) B (in.) C (in.) D (in.) E (in.) F (in.) G (in.) H (in.) I (in.) J (in.) K (in.) L (in.)
26.54 20.55 19.65 9.96 10.76 7.88 12.99 5.91 2.75 4.33 9.45 1.38
  • 20 Ton trolley comes with worm gear reduction
  • Lightweight robust construction
  • Fits to most I, S, and W-Beams
  • Durable baked enamel paint protection
  • Gearing provides positive load positioning along the beam
  • Precision ball bearing trolley wheels
  • Anti-drop plate
  • Stainless steel ID tag
  • Individual test certificate & serial number