Harrington NER II 1 Ton Electric Hoist -14/2.5 fpm, Dual speed

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NER II electric chain hoist was upgraded with the latest technology and environmental concerns. NER II was engineering to enable it to gain a reputation as the safest, highest quality, most reliable hoist in the WORLD! The NER II is the newest upgrade to the NER line of hoists from Harrington. Along with the features you loved about the original NER, following is a small list of upgrades found on the NER II:
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Capacity (Tons)


Duty Cycle


Lifting Speed (fpm)

14/2.5 Dual


208, 230 or 460/3/60



Weight, Base Model (lbs)


  • Strong, durable, maintenance free, 10 year warranty
  • Electrical fail safe design! A current brake activates the brake coil when the motor draws current. This current brake is coupled in Series (DC through a rectifier) with one of the three legs of power feeding the motor. This method is failsafe, brake will not activate during single phasing or motor burnout.
  • Guardian Smart Brake takes advantage of the “in-rush” current created at motor start-up. This quicker reaction time minimizes drag, thus wear.
  • Guardian Smart Brake uses only 2% of the line voltage, this implies very little resistance.
  • Guardian Smart Brake Coil Design: Current style brake uses large windings but few coils. This is very strong, break-down resistant and durable. Operates with little amp draw and heat build up.
  • Brake gap on Guardian Smart Brake is very small. Brake does not need to “Pull In” as far as competitors. Noticeably less motor torque at start up, compared to pole change motors.
  • Brake is guaranteed to 2 million cycles
  • Harrington will replace any brake, regardless of wear if it is before 10 years and used in accordance with the Owner's Manual.