CM Lodestar Model RT2 -3 Ton Electric Hoist 1/5.5 fpm, Dual Speed

Made in the USA
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Lodestar ® is recognized as the standard in the overhead lifting industry. Generations of users have relied on the Lodestar electric chain hoist for consistent operation throughout its long service life. Now with exciting new features, it € ™s sure to widen its appeal to the next generation of rigging professionals. Made in the USA, the new Lodestar features quieter operation, an environment friendly design, easier access to key components, higher duty cycles, less maintenance, and enhanced safety features. Available as individual units, in hoist/trolley combinations, or as integral components of complete lifting systems, the next generation of Lodestar takes lifting to new heights for professionals in any industry.
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Brand CM
Model Lodestar RT2
Capacity (Ton) 3
Lift (ft.) 10
Lifting Speed (FPM) 1/5.5
Motor (HP) 1
Reeving 3
Power Supply Voltage 230V or 460V
Weight, Base Model (lbs.) 176 lbs.
  • CM Lodestar Dual Speed Models - High performance hoists engineered for heavy duty industrial service. Precision helical gearing is grease lubricated for quiet, smooth operation, and long service life. The stamped steel Chain Guide, coated for corrosion resistance and quiet operation, keeps the load chain and lift wheel aligned during operation.
  • Capacity & Lift - The Lift Wheel‚Äôs 5 pockets increase the engagement of the chain and lift wheel to provide smooth lifting with less vibration and reduced chain wear when properly maintained ‚Äì ultimately extending the life of the chain. Rated loads up to 1/2 Ton, with 10-foot standard lift. Other lifts available. Standard chain container holds up to 20 feet of lift.
  • Motor - Both heavy duty and efficient, the Motor is designed to operate on power supplies worldwide. Standard Class F insulation and thermal motor protection.
  • Frame - Cast aluminum, lightweight housing covered with acid resistant powder coated paint for superior durability and protection against elements. Distinctive CM orange color allows for easy recognition after installation. The sealed drive shaft and standard weather-proofing gasket and seals provide the hoist with a NEMA 3R rating ‚ suitable for outdoor use.
  • Brake - Heavy Duty DC Brake is standard. AC Brake and Double DC Brake are also available.
  • Control - Easy access to plug & play connectors allow for quick voltage change for dual voltage motors. Effortless fuse installation when required.
  • Safety - Adjustable screw limit switch that automatically stops the hook at any predetermined point when either lifting or lowering. Limits are field-configurable and can be adjusted to the specific application. The Clutch is located outside the gear box for easy access, it is designed to prevent lifting loads greater than rated capacity.
  • Suspension Option - Rigid hook, lug, plain, geared, and motorized trolley available.
  • Load Chain & Hook - Both the Hoistaloy  Load Chain and Forged Steel Hook are manufactured in the USA by Columbus McKinnon. This ensures full compatibility and the highest quality control standards are meet at all times. Load Chain is zinc plated for protection against corrosion, and is 100% proof tested.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY - The industry‚Äôs best manufacturers‚ warranty against manufacturing and material defects.