Posted by Craig Cappel on Dec 28, 2021


With Covid-19 shutdowns in 2020 we saw decreased consumer demand and reduced industrial activity and when the lockdowns lifted, we saw demand skyrocket back up to near normal levels. This fluctuation in the marketplace continues to wreak havoc on global supply chains today.

Like a lot of industries worldwide, shortages and delays have been felt in the material handling sector. Due to delays caused by supply chain shortages, our industry is working through a lack of single-phase electric hoists. The culprit? The start switch mechanism needed to power up single-phase hoists. This switch is currently unavailable on the market, resulting in purchasing lead times stretching out as far as June of 2022 for single-phase hoists!

Customers struggling to find solutions are making tough choices and paying more due to the scarcity of some materials, but we have some great news!

As a leading CM Master Distributor, Ace always has plenty of compact, versatile, single phase  Coffing JLC chain hoists IN STOCK. These hoists are from ½ ton to 2 ton capacity, made in America, come with a geared upper and lower limit switch and are available with top hook or trolley mount.

Ace can ship you a  JLC chain hoist in 1-2 days from Norcross, GA.

Other workarounds to beat the shortage might include:

Considering changing to 3 phase power in the work area. Although lead times might be slightly longer than normal, these hoists are widely available.

Another option might be to upgrade to a new single-phase hoist with VFD controls. VFD controls would allow for better control and cooler operating temperature. This design does not use a start switch, therefore not affected by the global shortage.

If you are searching for a single-phase electric chain hoist, contact Ace Industries inside sales team at (800) 733-2231 for more details or find this info and more at

Author Craig Cappel

Craig Cappel has been an enthusiastic part of the sales team at Ace Industries since 2005. Craig participated in the Ace expansion into Texas in 2012, moving to Houston for the launch of the new Distribution warehouse and in 2015 returned to HQ in Georgia to lead the Business Development Center of Excellence. Craig’s focus has been on applications, managing projects ranging from industrial fab, offshore and oil & gas, to entertainment and production rigging. With a current role on the customer service team and website development and sales, Craig also oversees Ace’s in-house hoist repairs and warranty work.

Craig lives in the Atlanta suburbs with two large dogs, both huskies, and can be found painting on large canvases, listening to a broad playlist of music and dreaming of the Hawaii surf.