Yale Sheave R .37/.43-1.43FS09.25-3.54-W/RNG 8.00RD - 640137300

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The Yale Sheave R .37/.43-1.43FS09.25-3.54-W/RNG 8.00RD - 640137300 is a high-quality sheave or pulley manufactured by Yale, a renowned brand known for its premium lifting and rigging equipment. This particular model is designed to provide efficient and reliable operation in various lifting and rigging applications that require precise load positioning.

The sheave is constructed with durable materials, ensuring excellent strength, durability, and resistance to wear and corrosion. It features a specific size of 0.37 inches (or 0.43 inches, depending on the configuration) with a load capacity of up to 1.43 times the working load limit. The sheave is designed with a wide groove for accommodating ropes or cables, providing smooth and efficient operation.

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