1" Wire Rope Clamp (9221)

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The 1" Wire Rope Clamp (9221) is a robust and dependable device used to secure wire ropes effectively. Manufactured with precision, this wire rope clamp is designed to provide a secure grip on the wire rope, preventing slippage and ensuring safe lifting operations. The durable construction and reliable performance of the 1" Wire Rope Clamp (9221) make it a trusted choice for various applications in industries like construction, marine, and transportation. Its easy installation and high-strength design make it an essential accessory for ensuring the safety and efficiency of wire rope connections in a wide range of lifting and rigging tasks.
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1" Wire Rope Clamp - 1 Clamp
Price : Description: Minimum Breaking Force, Tons of 2,000 lbs:
Per Thimble General Purpose 1" - Clamp 14.4