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CM Hoist Parts

Note* We carry many more parts than what is available online. If you cannot find the part you are looking for, call us at 800.733.2231 and we will help you order the part.

Looking for replacement Push Button / Pendant Controls for CM Hoists? Click here for a complete inventory of new replacement Push Button Stations for CM Products

Can't find the part you're looking for? Enter the number here:

CM Lodestar Parts - Model 627 N (Buy New)

CM Loadstar Parts

CM Valustar Parts - Model 624

CM Shopstar Parts - Model 620 (Buy New)

CM Shopstar Parts

CM Lodestar XL Parts (Buy New)

CM Loadstar XL Parts

CM Polaris Wire Rope Hoist Parts (Buy New)

CM Polaris Wire Rope Hoist

CM Apollo Wire Rope Hoist Parts (Buy New)

Shaw-Box 700 Series Wire Rope Hoist

CM AirStar Parts (Buy New)

CM AirStar Air Hoist Parts

CM ShopAir Parts (Buy New)

CM ShopAir Air Hoist Parts

CM Cyclone Parts - Model 646 (Buy New)

CM Cyclone Parts - Model 646

CM Cyclone Low Headroom Parts - Model 648

CM Cyclone 648 Low Headroom Hand Chain Hoist (Chainfall) Parts

CM Hurricane Parts - Model 656C (Buy New)

CM 622 Parts

CM 622 Parts (Buy New)

CM 622 Hand Chain Hoist Parts

CM 640 Parts / CM Puller Parts (Buy New)

  • All Parts
  • CM 640 Puller (Lever Hoist) Parts

    CM Short Handled Puller Parts

    CM 673 Short Handle Puller (Lever Hoist) Parts

    CM 653 Parts (Buy New)

    CM 653 Puller Parts