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Conductix 1200 Series Cable Reel, 14 AWG/3 Con-30 ft. Cable

Conductix 1200 Series PowerReel, 14 AWG/3 Con.-30 ft. Cable

Conductix 1200 Series PowerReel, 14 AWG/3 Conductor-30 ft. Cable

Product Description

The Conductix-Wampfler 1200 Series PowerReel® is the best-built compact industrial cable reel on the market today. You will not find a better value in its class! The 1200 Series reel is ideal for heavier-duty applications such as drop lights, drop power, mobile equipment control cables, conveyor control cables, small cranes/hoists, and utility trucks. The Conductix 1200 cable reels are UL and CSA Listed to either NEMA 2 or NEMA 4 depending on the configuration. Conductix 1200 Series PowerReel® Cable Reels are available without a cable or with either 125-volt cable or 600-volt SOW-A cable. Cable capacity is from 25 to 50 feet depending on the cable chosen. The 1200 Series PowerReel® is built with a minimum of components for maximum reliability. Unlike “consumer-grade” cord reels, this reel has all the features you require for tough industrial applications.

Product Dimensions

Conductix 1200 Series PowerReel

Dimensions are in Inches (mm).

Product Features

  • Durable safety yellow power-coated finish
  • 4-Roller guide that can be placed in one of 12 positions - the guide can be removed if necessary
  • Ratchet mechanism - to lock the cable in the out position
  • Adjustable Ball-Stop
  • 6 foot feeder cord
  • Grounded slip ring assembly for safety

Downloads and Other Documents

Conductor Reel Volt
Standard 125 Volt reel. Available 600 Volt reel.
Available with a Receptacle dual 15A/125V box, GFCI Plug, Incandescent-100 watt (bulb not included). or LED Hand Lamp-520 lumen 4000K (bulb included).
Base Price: $491.00 Customized Price: $491.00
  • 125 Volt Reel
  • None