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5/8" Chain Sling w/ Hooks, 18,100 lb. WLL, 3'-20' Reach - Mechanical Construction

CM 18,100 lb. Single Leg 5/8" Chain Sling w/ Hooks Each End

Ace Industries Single Leg Chain Sling with Hooks Each End

Product Overview

Ace Industries offers high quality chain slings using CM Herc-Alloy® 800 chain and attachments with Heavy-Duty forged steel ID tag.

Product Details

Manufacturer Ace Industries
Brand Chain Sling
Type Double Leg
Chain Size (in) 5/8
Base, Reach (ft.) 3
Construction Mechanical
Base Hook Type Grab
Working Load Limit (lbs) 18,100
Base Weight (lbs) 30

Product Features

  • Reach: Choose from 3' to 20' reach
  • Hook Type: Standard grab hook, optional sling, latchlok or foundry available

Not sure which capacity you need? Click here for a Sling Load Calculator.


To Avoid Injury
  • Do not exceed working load limit
  • Always follow safe rigging practices
  • Do not shock load or impact load
  • Do not replace pin with other than original equipment parts
  • Always inspect for wear and or damage before use
  • Replace if damaged or worn
  • Please note side load limitations
Length from the load bearing point of the masterlink to the saddle of the hook
Hook Type
Available hooks are grab, sling, latchlok and foundry. Other types available on request.
Base Price: $479.28 Customized Price: $479.28
  • 3 ft. Reach
  • Grab