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Magnetek Braking Resistor,460V/ 15 HP,  24FLA

Magnetek Dynamic Braking Resistor-Class C, 460V/ 15HP/ 24 FLA

Magnetek Dynamic Braking Resistor - Class C, 460 Volts

Product Description

Magnetek Dynamic Braking Resistors can be delivered quickly, completely assembled, and ready for convenient installation at the job site. Dynamic Braking Resistors are used with VFDs to produce a braking torque in the motor during overhauling conditions. The drive manufacturer normally determines the power rating (watts) needed to prevent overheating during braking duty. The peak braking current is determined by the specified resistance value. Each drive manufacturer specifies a resistance range with a minimum to prevent overcurrent and damage to the drive and a maximum value to give adequate lower dissipation capability.

Product Specifications

Voltage Rated
Full Load
Amps (FLA)
Motion BrakingĀ 
EDB4011CT 460V 15 HP 24 FLA Traverse* Internal C

*Resistors are supplied in vented indoor enclosure.

Downloads and Other Documents

Base Price: $218.00 Customized Price: $218.00