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230V, 30 HP Magnetek G+ Drive, 85 Max. Motor FLA. 2085-G+S3

230V, 30 HP Magnetek G+ Drive, 85 Max. Motor FLA. 2085-G+S3

230V, 30 HP Magnetek G+ Drive, 85 Max. Motor FLA.

Product Description

Electromotive Systems' IMPULSE Series 3 Crane Controls incorporate the latest in advanced control technology to maximize the performance and safety of your material handling system. Yet there's no need to learn complicated new programming. The Series 3 has been designed to mirror the programming of the IMPULSE Series 2 product line, making the move to series 3 an easy trasition.

With advanced technology and superior technical support, IMPULSE drives have long been the gold standard in crane controls for the material handling industry. New advanced safety and performance features make the IMPULSE Series 3 drives even better.

  • Xpress Programming - Allows programming initial setup in seconds.
  • Safe Operating Windows - Reduces the possibilty of programming unsafe parameters.
  • Load Check - Reduces the possibility of lifting an overload.
  • Multi-level Password Protection - Limits unathorized modification of drive parameters.
  • Alarm and Fault Codes - Programmable alarm and fault codes are controlled by the same parameters as Series 2.
  • IMPULSE Link 4.0 Interactive Drive Software - Allows maximum versatility to upload/download, view, print, adjust, monitor, compare, and save drive parameters, as well as program from a keypad display on your PC.


  • CMAA Class A through F (HMI Class H1 through H5)
  • Control Range:

  •     40:1 when set in Scalar Mode
        100:1 when set in Vector Mode
  • X-Press Programming
  • Flash ROM memory stores the drive's last four fault occurrences
  • Footprint is 40% smaller than its predecessors
  • Built in Serial Communications
  • Digital Display
  • Attempting to operate a hoist with a mechanical load brake with a control range of greater than 10:1 or a worm gear hoist with a control range greater than 6:1 may result in chatter, cogging or nuisance faults
  • Not to be used for hoists without mechanical load brakes
  • 575 Volt available
Braking Resistor
Add a Resistor to your Drive.
Base Price: $7,057.13 Customized Price: $7,057.13
  • No Resistor