Take your rock performances to new heights with the Krewmate Mini Entertainment Hoist

Mar 03, 2023

Take your rock performances to new heights with the Krewmate Mini Entertainment Hoist

Ace Industries is excited to announce the latest addition to our hoist arsenal - the Krewmate Mini Entertainment Hoist from Harrington, a Kito Group Company. This single-phase mini electric chain hoist is specially designed for venues with limited power options, making it an ideal choice for those in the entertainment industry.

Built for safety and durability, the Krewmate Mini Entertainment Hoist features solid-state relay (SSR) technology and a microcontroller unit (MCU) for state-of-the-art control. The hoist is equipped with an electronic overload limiter and an LED error indicator for superior safety functions. Additionally, the hoist's compact body is designed to tuck easily into 12" trusses, keeping it out of the way and out of sight during performances.

One of the Krewmate Mini Entertainment Hoist's unique features is its non-drip, grease-packed gearbox, which requires low maintenance and is perfect for demanding entertainment applications. The chain guide is designed to discharge the chain from the side of the hoist body and prevents the chain from tangling when winding up the slack chain, providing quiet and smooth guiding of the chain. Additionally, the hoist's low-profile upper limit switch protects it from overwinding and offers exceptional headroom.

The Krewmate Mini Entertainment hoist has a nickel-plated, grade 80 load chain, which meets DIN and EN 818-7 standards, while its heavy-duty swivel hook prevents twists in rigging and is equipped with a latch for added safety. The hoist's fast-acting and durable current-driven electromagnetic brake has a 5-year warranty, while the high-performance friction clutch protects the hoist from damage and prevents overwinding.

Regarding conformance, the Krewmate Mini Entertainment Hoist meets UL1340/CSA 22.2, ANSI E 1.6-2, IGVW SQP2-2018, and CE ratings. It is classified as ASME H4, JIS/ISO M5, and FEM 2m. The hoist's sleek rounded body has no sharp edges and is completely sealed, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, including harsh environments.

Ace Industries is thrilled to offer the Krewmate Mini Entertainment Hoist to our customers in the entertainment industry. With its state-of-the-art technology, unique features, and durability, this hoist is sure to impress at any show site.

The Krewmate Mini Entertainment Hoist from Harrington, a Kito Group Company, is now available for purchase on our website, www.aceindustries.com or by calling us at (800) 733-2231.

Take advantage of the opportunity to add this top-of-the-line hoist to your entertainment arsenal!