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5 Ton Electric Hoists

Ace Industries stocks a wide variety of 5 ton chain hoists for heavy duty industrial applications as well as more economical models designed for light home use. The 5 ton capacity Jet SSC is perfect for applications requiring light duty and a tight budget where the CM Lodestar (as well as Budgit and Harrington NER II) provide higher duty cycles a slightly greater pricing. Last, Ace provides heavy duty 5 ton hoists from CM, Coffing and Harrington when performance matters most. The Coffing JLC is a workhorse on a budget where the CM Lodestar and Harrington NER hoists provide solutions for the toughest applications.

Looking for manual hoists like a 5 ton  come along or 5 ton chain fall? Check our 5 ton lever hoist section or 5 ton hand chain hoist section  manual hoists.

Need help selecting the right 5 ton hoist for you? Click here for Ace's tips on chain hoist selection or call one of our hoist experts for help.

Air Hoists

We have 5 Ton Air Hoists from Budgit, Coffing, CM, Harrington, Ingersoll Rand, and Yale. Air hoists provide advantages over electric models such as infinitely variable speed control, higher duty cycles, smaller size, and inherent explosion proof design.

Lever Hoists (Pullers)

Harrington offers quality products that can solve your lifting needs. Their lever hoists are portable, durable, and have a valued brand name. If you want value for your dollar, then Harringtons LB puller is the lever hoist for you.

Hand Chain Hoists

We have a large variety of 5 Ton Chain Falls to choose from. Our extensive 5 Ton Hand Chain Hoist inventory includes Budgit, CM, Coffing, Harrington, Jet, and Yale. Chain falls and hand chain hoists are ideal for applications that require portability and value.


5 Ton Synthetic Slings are rated to lift 9,600 lbs to 18,000 lbs. Choose from a selection of Nylon Lifting Slings, Polyester Round Slings, and more heavy duty Monster Edge® and Gorilla Guard® lifting slings.

Trolleys & Accessories

We carry 5 Ton Trolleys from CM, Ingersoll Rand, and Jet to fit many beam sizes. We also have Hoist Beam Clamps and 5 Ton Anchor Shackles.